Download music from TikTok in mp3

How can I download mp3 from TikTok?

At the moment, TikTok is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social networks worldwide, reaching an audience of more than 1.2 billion people. The videos uploaded to TikTok are viewed daily by one-third of all social media users. The selection of clips is huge from children's and entertainment to conspiracy and popular science. But the majority of the content is music videos, with a soundtrack of popular music tracks. How to download TikTok music in mp3 bypassing the limitations of this platform? Let's look at the easiest option in this article!

Despite its extensive functionality, TikTok does not provide the option to directly download video and audio content. Videos on the platform can only be viewed/listened to, commented on, reposted, and added to "Favorites". A significant part of users refuse to accept these limitations and want to be able to save music from TikTok at any time and from any device - PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This desire is understandable, because channels and videos on TikTok do not exist eternally, and are periodically deleted, leaving no opportunity for views and being found by search queries.

download tiktok music from tiktok in mp3 format

Luckily, today it's possible to bypass platform limitations, and freely download MP3 from TikTok without any use of audio capture programs. It is about online services that allow you to download content from social networks via direct links without loss of quality and watermarks/logos. One of the best services today is FlipTok, which allows you to download video and audio from TikTok via browser - GoogleChrome, Firefox, Opera, YandexBrowser, etc. All you need to do is:

  • find the video on TikTok from which you want to save music on your device;
  • click on the "Share" button on the right side of the screen, and then "Copy Link";
  • paste the copied link into the empty field on the FlipTok website;
  • wait for the results and select the "Download mp3" option.

The audio file will be downloaded and stored in your device's memory in its original quality and with 100% timing. In this way, you can download MP3 songs from TikTok, the author's music, and any other audio content used in videos. The first options (under the link) always offer to download clips in mp4 video format, shot/converted using H.264 codec. If you don't need the video, scroll down the page and download the audio only in mp3 format.

In some cases, instead of mp3 format, you will be offered m4a, which is also played by the great majority of audio players. If the copied and pasted link does not show the content, it means that it cannot be downloaded at the moment. The FlipTok team will solve this problem soon. One of our goals is to provide access to 100% of all content published in TikTok!

What are the advantages?

It is not always possible to recognize mp3 music on TikTok, especially since it is often combined with sound effects, voice-overs, background noise, etc. Instead of using audio capture programs and search engines like Shazam, use the FlipTok service to download audio in mp3 format. It's easy, fast, and handy, and can be done in a couple of clicks. Our service provides users with a range of advantages, which include:

  • Maximal content reach in TikTok. You can save absolutely any video in audio format: music, entertainment, news, educational, children's, etc..;
  • High download speed. It usually takes a few seconds (depending on the length of the clip);
  • Ease-of-Use. You don't need to install third-party apps and plugins to download popular MP3 from TikTok. Just open the FlipTok website in your browser and paste the copied link into the empty field;
  • Compatible with all internet devices: PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. No operating system matters the site will always open on either iOS, Android, or WindowsMobile;
  • High-quality downloadable content. If the audio was recorded in 320 kbps, it will not be downloaded in 256, 128 kbps, or lower;
  • No advertising or spam on the website. FlipTok has a user-friendly interface, is not " overloaded" with unnecessary content, and minimizes the load on your device.

You can use our online service completely free of charge 24/7 and using any internet device. To download hits in MP3 from TikTok, you just need to apply simple copy paste links (using the above algorithm). The audio files you need will be downloaded quickly and without loss of quality!