How to download music from TikTok?

How can I download popular music from TikTok?

The total number of downloads of TikTok videos in the world has already exceeded 1.5 billion, and today many people use this social network not only to watch and share videos but also to download music. Unfortunately, the developers did not provide an "official" opportunity to download music from TikTok, but the limitation can be bypassed with the help of special online services. This can be done, for example, by using the FlipTok website, which offers users a very simple and user-friendly interface, high download speeds, and compatibility with all kinds of internet devices running iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The social network TikTok is focused on video content in mp4 format, but users can download music tracks separately from videos in mp3 format if they wish. This allows the user to get the desired audio content immediately without using video editors with an export/convert function (which often degrades the audio quality). The "FlipTok" service will spare you from unnecessary actions and save time! To download any music from TikTok with its help, all you need to do is:

  • open TikTok and find the song (or video you want to "extract" the audio track from);
  • copy the link using the standard "Share" button;
  • open the FlipTok homepage and paste the copied link into the empty input box;
  • click on the "Download" button next to the link.
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There will be several options for downloading the track, including downloading the audio file in mp3 format (m4a in some cases). You can download music from the TikTok link in a few seconds using a regular browser: Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. After the download is complete, the file will end up in your device's downloads folder (by default - "Downloads") with no change in bitrate or quality!

Access to any genre of music

These days, TikTok publishes a lot of different music, and you can find here compositions of both "classic" tracks and latest hits. There is censorship on the platform, but it doesn't touch 80-90% of the music themes uploaded daily by users from all over the world. Using the features of the FlipTok service, you can download popular music from TikTok, and other genres without restrictions.

Ideally, you should know the exact names of artists and songs so you can quickly find them in a search and copy the links you need. A more complicated option is to recognize tracks using Shazam and similar services, and then download them according to the found titles. Anyway, "FlipTok" will allow you to do it quickly, without losing quality and without installing any third-party software!

Simplicity and ease of use

Before the specialized online services appeared, users had to download clips from TikTok using inefficient plug-ins, and sometimes by screen capture (real-time). Today, all these tricks are unnecessary, and all you need to do to get original content from TikTok (without video logos and audio tags) is to use "FlipTok". The service initially uploads files to its own server, and then sends them to users. This is the easiest way to download music novelties from TikTok, or any other audio content in mp3 format.

What benefits can FlipTok users look forward to? That's first and foremost:

  • convenience of use. You won't have to install special programs and plugins, and you won't need anything other than an already installed browser to download music in 100% quality;
  • user-friendly interface. Tracks are loaded using the "copy/paste" method without any additional settings or technical nuances;
  • no restriction on genres/artists. All music permitted to be published on TikTok can be downloaded from it using our service;
  • low system requirements. The website site is well optimized and does not slow down even on older computers/smartphones, does not load the system;
  • total absence of spam and advertising. If you just want to download good music from TikTok without any intrusive spam and "junk" content, "FlipTok" will give you that opportunity;
  • high download speeds. Loading rarely takes more than 5-10 seconds (depending on the length of the tracks);
  • access from all regions of the country. You won't have to use a VPN to bypass restrictions/blockers;
  • free access. Music track download services are provided on a completely free basis;
  • compatible with different operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, WindowsMobile and Android.

To download TikTok music (hits) right now, copy the link and paste it into the empty search box on the "FlipTok" website. If the link opens freely in your browser, the download will start in a couple of seconds!